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Check Out Bryan Tx Upcoming Artist Big Dawg


Check Out Bryan Tx Upcoming Artist Big Dawg

Big Dawg comes to the game from a single street called Legion Court in Bryan, TX. He’s been perfecting
his craft for over 10 years and has really hit stride within the last two years. Growing up, Big Dawg spent
a lot of time in the church after having to grow up under his grandmother. He was faced with adversity
at a young age with both of his parents going to prison at respective times. He had two choices – follow
down the same path as his parents or make a way for his family, friends and city. Thus, Big Dawg came
to be and evolved from his younger self – Cell Dawg.

Big Dawg is the independent artist that brings the real to the industry. You can hear the authenticity in
his lyrics and voice. He might be the #1 underdog in 2022. He is a prime example of how country artists
are really getting as much money and hustling as much as the urban artists in the industry right now. All
he needs is an opportunity to be heard and he will undeniably hypnotize the audience. He has his city
behind him, and you can hear the passion in his voice when he speaks about Bryan.


You can really see the growth in Big Dawg’s talents if you listen to two of his hottest singles – I
Remember (first) and Can’t Lil Boy Me. While I Remember will blow you away with range of his rapping
and singing skills, Can’t Lil Boy Me will have you bobbing your head while he takes you on a journey on
what it means to be the big dawg in your city. Big Dawg is the prime example of what Bryan, TX has to
offer and is sure to impress every ear that gives a listen.

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