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*Warning Graphic* Hit An Run In Dallas Turn Violent After Man Attacks Women


*Warning Graphic* Hit An Run In Dallas Turn Violent After Man Attacks Women

As Phabo is currently busy working on his full-length project that is set to drop later this year, he still finds the time to stay connected with fans along the way with mindful drops. Over the weekend, the Los Angeles-based artist shared “Scorpio Moon,” his latest track that fits perfectly into his stream of astrology-themed releases. Co-produced with Louie Lastic, “Scorpio Moon” speaks about how people tend to blame their toxic behavior on their star placements:

“My Scorpio moon made me hit you, to meet up late night like this/ Scorpio moon told me to text you and have your granny watch your jits/ I’m checking the temperature like I’m a nurse tech, I’ll take all the bulls**t with a little discipline”

“‘Scorpio Moon’ is a song that playfully mirrors the way people use Zodiac signs to avoid accountability for the chaos they’ve caused,” said Phabo via press release. “I wanted it to feel as if I had just been given the floor in couples therapy, and to feel as though it was my partner’s first time hearing me divulge these emotions. Those with Scorpio moons are said to have a propensity to seek revenge as well as the innate ability to sense when they’ve been wronged.”

The “Polaris” singer’s last full-length project was 2021’s Soulquarius, his debut album that featured guest appearances from LVRN’s very own Alex Vaughn, frequent collaborator Destin Conrad, Rexx Life Raj, and Mntra. The LP also included his breakout single “LNF,” which premiered in conjunction with his announcement that he would be joining the Soulection team. Outside of his own releases, he can also be heard on recent collaborations like “nirvana” by Dylan Reese, “Truly Yours (Remix)” by Eric Bellinger featuring Dom Kennedy and The Game, and more.

Be sure to press play on Phabo’s brand new “Scorpio Moon” single down below.

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